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MidwestFestival Guild
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When it’s time to celebrate and you’re in Missouri, we’ll show where you should go… Right Here. Right Now! Click on mfg.org and you’ll find a cornucopia of excellent restaurant and resort selections. Whether you’re in the mood for local cafes or international 5 star cuisine, you will find it here. Looking for an elegant hideaway for two? How about finding the finest fishing holes or hunting fields? One might say the Midwest Festival Guild sends you to the perfect romantic rendezvous, jukebox jump joint,steak house or finding fairs, festivals, sporting events or concerts in your area. If you’re a member of the MFG you will find exactly what you have been seeking.

That’s what our Midwest Festival Guild members will find on this Web. We are the Tour Guides who will take you where to find your fun, food and entertainment…When you’re in Missouri, we’ll send you to the very place you want to be!

Come on in! We’ll give you the information you want!Join the MFG and meet some new friends! We mean those friendly people who like to get out and enjoy the good life! Need suggestions on how to plan a festival of your own? Want incredible recipes to make party foods? We have our Midwest Festival Foods cook book created by award-winning chefs and bakers right here online Do you need a masterful Web Master? Checkout pippa amazing skills in The Web Room!” Join The Party! Come down the Corridor.. There is a small annual fee to
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Individual Members! Only $25.00 A Year!
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